How to Register ForexCopy Follower Account

Requirement to join Forex Copy System:
Account type: Standard
Account currency: USD

Step by step instructions

1. Open InstaForex Live Account
If you already have InstaForex Live Account, just proceed to the next steps. But you also can open new account if you wish. Any InstaForex clients can have more than one accounts.

forex copy system  - live account registration

2. Make a deposit

3. Claim 30% bonus

4. Registration in Forex Copy System as Follower. Login here

forex copy system - follower account registration

5. Make an investment (become a follower)
- Choose/click your trader in monitoring page.

- Click "Available in the cabinet" on Email section.
- Read and make sure you understand your trader copying terms.
- Change "Copying ratio" based on your capital and risk tolerance.
- You can change other things if you want.
- Lastly, click "Subscribe" button.

6. Request a withdrawal

If you want more information about InstaForex live account, please go to